Tuesday, 13 February 2007

If you feel anything, vote...

If you agree with anything on this blog.... or even if you hate the notion of sad-vertising but have enjoyed the debate (a lovely emotion hate) ... then you could do worse than go to the blog of Russell Davies and vote for Faris's post on "The Dark Side of Brands" as post of the month for January. Faris is kind enough to mention my musings on sad-vertising, pairing it with some antipodean thinking on the matter and coming to his own interesting conclusions.

As Faris points out, this has been a lovely experiment in blogging, collaboration, etc. So thank you Faris for the exposure... and here's to a little more :)
Also worth reminding everyone that Scamp and Nigel Hollis also did superb posts on sad-vertising this month. And if four people post on the same thing in the same month... then surely collectively we've done a "post of the month"?

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