Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Sadly blows the wind...

On PSFK yesterday I came across a great little film/viral. And Henry Lambert felt it was another powerful example of sad-vertising. Well he could be right, it is a little heart-rending in places, this great deformed oaf not realising how irritating he is to humanity. But it's also really quite funny, a nice blend of emotions. But if the emotion doesn't get you, the cleverness of the idea well. Congrats to whoever deserves it on a beautiful, subtle, sensitively-observed piece.

If only PSFK had got the link to my blog right and not sent countless miserables to the more slapstick unhyphenated version of sadvertising. Sorry, my namesake, I hope you can cheer them up.

1 comment:

Henry Lambert said...

Sorry David, I will rectify the link ASAP.