Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The First Sad-vertising War: Nike vs Adidas

My chum Fransje found this beauty.

Was a tad disappointed with "a little less hurt" as the resolution... but have come round to it. So I won't quibble.
It's brilliant... right up there with the David Beckham sob story by Adidas which the excellent Scamp covered a while back.
Hang on... do we have a sad-vertising war on our hands, between the two biggest sportswear brands on the planet?!? Not to mention Beckham vs. Ronaldo...from world-renowned smiles to grimaces... a real test for emerging acting talents.
Click on image below for the film.

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Ms Single Mama said...

Hi David - Love your theory on sad-vertising.

I think your most recent evidence that you're right - is Hillary Clinton's crying interview. A choked up comment and she propelled into the lead in New Hampshire. We'll keep a close eye on how many more "tears" she sheds between now and February 5th.

I'm also in advertising (a copywriter) and I am so sick of writing cheese.

Awesome thoughts - keep them coming.