Friday, 19 January 2007

A Beautiful Sadness

I think I feel revolution in the air (is "I think I feel" an oxymoron?).

Not only has my "sad-vertising" article provoked a fantastic response from readers in all areas of communications who intuitively agree that a little sadness, melancholy or emotional complexity can go a long way (thank you to all for your comments, hopefully this blog will now make it easier for everyone to talk).

But discussion on sad ads is sprouting up all over the place. Of course it isn't all down to what I wrote.... this all makes too much sense for that... but it does seem serendipitous and I think we have a movement on our hands! See Scamp's comments from last week for a taster...

As more and more sad-vertising sympathisers feel courage and come out of the shadows (or more fittingly walk into them) they will need somewhere to collect their thoughts, to feel connected to other lovers of all things down-beat, to learn and teach how best to implement "sads" in a too-joyous-by-far industry.

I would like this blog to be blog-central for that movement. If you come across arguments for or against sad-vertising, if you find killer ways to sell it to clients... drop me a note and I'll eagerly blog it.

Viva la RevoluciĆ³n.

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