Saturday, 25 November 2006

My first post if full of uncertainty...

Will this be my only post? Or will I deliver quarterly essays and hope that the maxim of quality-not-quantity will somehow sate the needy and fad-embracing advertising blogosphere?

Or will I be a true blogger, trading priceless social hours for updates to my photos of interesting toilets, perspectives on 1980s spy dramas and weekly polls? (given I have yet to learn how to install polls, you will have to make do with a "weekly pole"... this time round, Lech Walesa, first dempcratically elected President of Poland).

The title seems lazy and too broad... should I change it? Why would I think in the midst of an industry-wide discourse on the power of emotion that a title encouraging "feeling" would in any way have cut-through? Surely we must already be well on the way to littering Britain with emotive, melancholy ads?

Will I manage to freely communicate the entirety of my opinion whilst remaining professional, inoffensive and not burdening my colleagues or clients?

Will anyone read?

Who knows?

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